How Should I Practice Yoga to Lose Weight Efficiently?

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If you do not like to run or do very demanding cardiovascular exercises, you can try practicing yoga to lose weight effectively. Those who want to achieve their ideal weight look for the perfect physical activity that helps them achieve it. If you’re here, you’re one of those people. We recommend that you try yoga to lose weight if you want to do something different. The important things are perseverance and discipline to see results. All physical activities require a daily or weekly dedication for the body to change and the person begins to look and feel better. Yoga is not the exception; it also needs perseverance and effort. The more dedication and work that you put into the exercise, the more chance you have of seeing results. However, this method won’t work for everyone. If you’ve been trying to lose weight for a while, you might be running out of different physical activities to try. If you’ve noticed no changes to your body, you might want to consider getting in contact with a bariatric surgeon, like Dr. Ballem (, to see if they can offer some surgery to help you lose weight. This surgery is only available for those who do really struggle to lose weight, so it’s not for everyone. However, some people could really benefit from this sort of surgery. Before you book a surgery appointment, make sure you give yoga a go.

Do not think that this discipline is only to meditate and stretch the muscles, it actually also helps to lose weight. But why?

Reasons Why Yoga Helps You Lose Weight

When practicing yoga your whole body is in constant movement, although the level of effort and demand varies according to the type of yoga you perform. In a general way, asanas help tone all muscles. When the muscles are toned increases the energy consumption, the work is located in areas of the body that have more fat to help eliminate it and the body releases toxins. With the practice of yoga improves digestion, therefore, this prevents the accumulation of fat. It also reduces anxiety and stress, the main responsible and motivators of the known “binge eating”. If you are under stress and anxiety situations, you will feel the urge to use the food as a tranquilizer. In addition, your cortisol levels will increase and this hormone, in turn, will increase the accumulation of fat. Therefore, yoga helps you channel your energies to reduce those negative thoughts for your body and mind.

Yoga Poses to Lose Weight

“Although all yoga postures are beneficial to keep the body in shape, there are some more effective than others”.

That’s why we recommend these asanas to lose weight:

The Cobra

With this position the body burns fat more quickly, especially in the abdomen area. It also helps to tone the thighs, buttocks and strengthen the back.

Guerrero 1

When you perform this asana you work the balance of your body and improve your posture. Most of the work is felt in the legs, so exercise helps to thin and strengthen them. Other muscles that strengthen with this position are those of the abdomen.

Greeting to the Sun

As sure you should know, the sun salutation is the most complete yoga posture to combine several asanas that work the whole body. In this way all the muscles are toned.

Iron or Kumbhakasana

The iron is an exercise that is usually done in abdominal routines but it is also a yoga posture. It helps eliminate fat in the abdomen and strengthens the arms, shoulders, back, thighs and buttocks, which makes it a fairly complete exercise.

How Often Should I Practice Yoga to Lose Weight?

Yoga should be practiced just like the rest of the conventional exercises to lose weight. Normally, you perform between 45 minutes and one hour of physical training with cardiovascular exercises, abdominal exercises, push-ups, among others. The same should be done with the practice of yoga. It is recommended to practice with a lot of discipline, at least, 4 times a week, in sessions of 1 hour. You can also practice every day for the same time, but you must alternate intense routines with softer ones so as not to exhaust yourself too much. There are two types of yoga to lose weight more easily: Ashtanga Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

  • In the first asanas are performed faster and this increases sweating.
  • For its part, Bikram Yoga is usually practiced in rooms with a temperature of 40 ° C, which also increases sweating and helps to eliminate fat.

As with any exercise, you will notice the physical changes in a few months. The important thing is to be constant and accompany your training with a balanced diet. Of course, yoga will help you control your desire to eat when your body does not really need it but you should also do your part to see results in less time. If you eat only when you are hungry but do not eat a nutritious dish, you will be self-sabotaged and this will slow down your weight loss work.

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