5 things that happen when you reach your ideal weight!

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To maintain our ideal weight we must banish the word “diet” from our vocabulary and replace it with “lifestyle”. Only by being aware of this change will we obtain permanent results. It is very rewarding to look a while back and notice how you have changed until you reach your ideal weight. Everything was the result of a great dedication to exercise and your eating habits. The routine in the gym is not as simple as before and each time you can lift more weight. As for food, you have not eaten more hamburgers and your body clearly shows it. These are the things that happen to those who reach their ideal weight. Get ready for the benefits and challenges of this new stage.

1. First Things: You have the Chance to Celebrate!

Yes! We start with the best. Reaching the ideal weight is a goal fulfilled. What a joy it is to see that your effort has been achieved and that it is time to celebrate. However, do not go to throw everything away. Everything you have done can be lost in a common celebration. What you can do is give an original touch to your celebration, so that you honor the weight you have achieved.

  • One of the things you can do to show everyone your happiness is wearing that dress that you did not have but that you can now show again.
  • You could sign up for that dance class that you thought you could not do before.
  • You can also organize a small party with your loved ones. Yes, no cake or empty carbohydrates. Better choose chopped fruit, desserts prepared with yogurt and similar foods.

2. Once you Enter the Clan, you Cannot Leave

Once you decide to have good eating habits, you cannot stop having them. The people who have achieved success in achieving their ideal weight are those who sought to eat well in a balanced way.

“Thus, you need to continue to eat well to avoid returning to your old weight”.

However, to be part of this great group of successful in the exercise, there is something very important that you should know: delete the word diet from your mind. Since you eliminated that word, you need to occupy that space in your mind with a healthy lifestyle. In short, it is no longer a diet, but a set of habits that can be key to maintaining your ideal weight forever.

3. You can Give Yourself Delicious Tastes

Since you understood that it is a lifestyle, there should not be prohibitions for you to be happy. The most uncomfortable part of a diet is that it definitely prohibits many types of food, but you are not a robot. You have cravings and feelings, you feel sad or you get angry when you cannot eat them. You may even do it more because of how attractive that prohibition looks. Not bad you know the license to eat a dessert or a piece of bread crujiente. You do not even need to eat it once a month: with you doing it once a week should not hurt you. Remember that it is a lifestyle, but obviously do not overdo it at this point. You can also try healthy alternatives that remind you of the classic ones. For example, you could take whole wheat bread with nuts prepared at home instead of box bread, banana chips, candy prepared with gelatin instead of commercial ones, etc.

4. Weigh More

You do not need to obsess and weigh yourself every day, but once a week or twice a month. Even more when you have had a strong exercise routine to reach an ideal weight and, suddenly, lower more than you want or gain more weight. By weighing yourself you can see your evolution clearly. For this you need a notebook to write down the changes. For example, if a week you included a food and you notice a weight gain you can ask your nutritionist if there is a relationship. The same thing happens the other way around: maybe you exercised more hours, you felt weak and you lost weight. In that case you have to evaluate with a trainer and a nutritionist if there is something that does not work properly.

5. You have Loose Skin Under Your Arms

Maybe it’s not your fault; many people have this for their genes. It also depends on how much weight you have lost. These factors can cause your skin is not put back in place, but is hanging and does not look good. To eliminate excess skin excessively, you can follow an adequate exercise routine that works the specific areas where this happens. For this, it may be advisable to consult your gym instructor to recommend the best. Welcome to the new stage of your life with your ideal weight

Reaching your ideal weight implies the entrance to a new stage. Get ready for it and learn to love your body and the final result.




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