The 18 Best Diets of 2019 for Weight Loss and Much More!

The beginning of 2019 brought us very favorable news for weight loss diets, well-being and health. And is that recognized experts in this field evaluated 41 diets, to select the best diets of 2019 and recommend those that offer the most significant attributes. The assessment was carried out by first-class nutritionists, nutritional advisors, doctors specialized in weight loss, cardiovascular health, and diabetes. To carry out the analysis, they took into account 7 fundamental criteria:

  1. Ease to follow it.
  2. Probability of weight loss in the first 12 months.
  3. Possibilities of significant weight loss in the first two years and beyond.
  4. Contribution to the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.
  5. It helps in the prevention and management of diabetes.
  6. Satisfaction of the nutritional requirements.
  7. Security.

The analyzes carried out gave rise to the “2019 US News & World Report annual dietary rankings”. In this report highlights the winning diets in each of the 9 categories evaluated, as well as the most comprehensive diets.

General Classification of The Best Diets Of 2019

Here we will refer to the comprehensive evaluation and only those who occupied the 15 (18 diets) first positions in this prestigious classification of the best diets of 2019.

1. Mediterranean Diet

The first position was occupied by the Mediterranean diet displacing the winner of last year to a second position. In Healthy Attitude several times we have explained the essential components of this diet with a strong emphasis on fruits, vegetables, olive oil, fish and other healthy products.

2. Dash Diet

As the initials of its name in English DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) indicate, it was a diet developed to combat hypertension. However, in its practical implementation it has been shown to satisfy nutritional requirements in a balanced way, capacity to prevent and control diabetes, safety and promote heart health.

3. The Flexitary Diet

One of the most distinctive features where he obtained the highest scores was in his ability to satisfy nutritional demands completely. It is a plan of feeding based on the plants and consumption of meats in moderation. It also highlights its ease to carry out, as well as its influence on weight loss for a long period of time. It is a diet to stay at much higher weight than the so-called strict diets.

4. Mind Diet (Shared Position)

This diet comes from the combination of two excellent diets the Mediterranean and the DASH. It is endorsed by various scientific studies. It was recognized for its excellent attributes due to the wide variety of foods it incorporates. Its essential components are fruits, vegetables and nuts. Both contribute to better mental health.

5. The WW Diet (Shared Position)

The WW (Weight Watchers) diet has been shown to be effective and is especially associated with short and long term weight loss. It is considered to be easy to follow. Experts also consider it a safe and nutritionally very good diet. It is based on two key elements: abundant consumption of fruits, vegetables and occasionally other foods and group support.

6. Mayo Clinic Diet (Shared Position)

This diet is based on a healthy diet and life habits that lead to a longer life. It is also recognized for its benefits against diabetes.

“It was recognized for its excellent nutritional quality and safety. Its effect on weight loss is moderate”.

7. The Volumetric Diet (Shared Position)

The experts considered that it was a very good diet for its safety and food contribution. It could have beneficial effects on heart health and diabetes. Your food plan is strong. For all these attributes it was included among the best diets of 2019.

8. TLC Diet (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes)

The TLC diet is known by the acronym of its name in English (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes). In Spanish it would be translated as therapeutic changes in lifestyle and was created by the National Institute of Health of the United States of America. It is especially recommended to improve cardiovascular health. A large part of this diet requires the preparation of food and involves more personal work to adhere to it.

9. Nordic Diet (Shared Position)

The Nordic diet has gained great popularity in recent years to the point of deserving this position within the best diets of 2019. This weight loss diet is based on patterns of production, processing and consumption of foods typical of the Scandinavian region. It has its bases in the consumption of fish, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts and a very limited intake of sugars and red meats. Instead of olive oil typical of the Mediterranean diet, it uses rapeseed oil in small quantities. Emphasizes local productions, home-made meals and a healthy lifestyle while preserving the environment. He obtained very high qualifications in nutritional quality and safety

10. The Ornish Diet (Shared Position)

The Ornish diet was evaluated very satisfactorily for its nutritional contribution, its safety and its marked benefits in cardiovascular health. This diet is very low in fat, in refined carbohydrates and animal protein. However, it is considered that it is not easy to carry out because the restriction of fats is very severe and it is not easy to maintain its adherence for a long time.

11. Fertility Diet (Shared Position)

This is a diet that offers ease to carry out, nutritional contribution and safety. It is postulated that it can improve ovulation and achieve a pregnancy more easily, but it was considered by experts that the data are not enough to ensure that it really helps improve fertility.

12. The Diet Of Jenny Craig (Shared Position)

This diet is easy to follow; it is nutritionally very complete and safe. It also offers emotional support for its followers. It has a low carbohydrate mode for people suffering from type 2 diabetes. It is included in the official programs for the prevention of this disease in the United States of America. The experts assessed that its cost could be an impediment to its adoption.

13. Vegetarian Diet (Shared Position)

The vegetarian diet is a healthy diet and its capacity to produce a rapid weight loss is recognized, it contributes to cardiovascular health and has a good nutritional contribution.

14. Asian Diet

The traditional Asian diet was recognized for its nutritional quality and safety. It is based on the consumption of foods such as fish and rice and little red meat. Their ability to lose weight both quickly and sustainably are called into question.

15. The Anti-Inflammatory Diet (Shared Position)

With this weight loss diet, experts also question its effectiveness for weight loss. There is also not enough data to demonstrate its true anti-inflammatory effect. Its nutritional quality was evaluated very satisfactorily, based on the consumption of foods from the plants.

16. The Flat Abdomen Diet (Shared Position)

This diet also obtained very good positions in its nutritional quality and safety. It is in an intermediate position among all the diets evaluated by the experts.

17. Nutritional Diet (Shared Position)

The nutritious diet emphasizes plant-based nutrition, making it a very favorable choice for a healthy diet. One of the concerns of the panelists is the dietary restrictions and the real possibility of following it.

18. Spark Solution Diet (Shared Position)

It is a program for healthy eating; it is designed so that your center is nutritional quality, with low calorie foods that optimize the metabolism combined with regular physical training. It can lead to a healthy eating behavior, with good chances of sustained weight loss with this weight loss diets.

Here Are The Best Ranking Diets, You Have All The Options, The Decision Depends On You…

If you are one of the many who set out in this 2019, get closer to your ideal weight, eat healthier and stay fit, then we recommend you:

Consume more Food from the Plants and Healthier Fats.

  • Take into account the positions and characteristics of each diet.
  • Analyze what each diet can offer you and select the most convenient one for your purposes.
  • Assess the real possibilities you have to carry it out and the one that best suits your tastes and preferences.

Do not leave anything aside, value all the information, but the decision will depend on you, that will be the best diet for you in 2019.


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