What are the 10 Foods that Fights Against Abdominal Fat?

By including raw vegetables in our diet, we activate our body and help it to burn more fat. Those that are high in fiber also help us to reduce the absorption of these. Most of us have or have ever had excess abdominal fat. It is not only something unsightly; it is also a risk to our health that we must take into account. This abdominal fat tends to surround very important organs; hence we give you some simple tips to include them in your daily diet. There are millions of people who suffer from abdominal fat. In fact, we can have an adequate weight and, however, accumulate that excess in our gut. What can we do? There are natural options that can help you.

Risks of Abdominal Fat

  • Our body has an “energy reserve”, that is, it takes advantage of the small excesses of fat to be prepared and to protect ourselves from climatic changes, to use that energy in the correct functioning of the organs, etc. But if those energies do not burn, they tend to turn into fatty acids that accumulate in the liver and muscle tissues.
  • Fat stored in the stomach area causes serious health risks: arteries become clogged, heart problems increase, triglycerides increase…
  • In fact, the abdominal perimeter is related to the possibility of suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, in men it is recommended that it does not exceed 102 centimeters and in women 88.

10 Foods that Help Fight Abdominal Fat

It is necessary that, to combat that excess fat in our waist, we include daily healthy foods in our diet. In addition, we must avoid industrial foods, fried foods and those that contain high fat content.

1. Citrus

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits … They are a source of vitamin C, they help our body process fat faster, helping us lose weight. How about we include them in our breakfasts and desserts?

2. Melons and Watermelons

These exquisite fruits have high content not only in water, but also in potassium. Thus,

“They allow to regulate the levels of sodium and to avoid the annoying swelling of the abdomen”.

3. Walnuts

Try to include them in your salads. In addition to tasty, have Omega 3, which will help us in several things: regulate stress hormones, such as cortisol, and prevent fat from accumulating. Do not consume them in high quantities, just about 4 nuts a day, for example.

4. Almonds

You can consume up to 10 a day. Thanks to its glycemic content they help control sugar and activate metabolism. In addition, they are rich in protein, calcium, fiber and Omega 3, providing a good dose of energy.

5. Green Coffee

The green coffee is an excellent ally to remove abdominal fat. It’s still green grains contain chlorogenic acid, a component that helps reduce the absorption of sugar in the gastrointestinal tract, thus burning accumulated fats. On the other hand, this acid stimulates the metabolic activity of the liver, which burns more fat.

6. Oats

The oatmeal is a natural source of fiber and protein, ideal for taking it at breakfast and dinner. It helps us to reduce cholesterol and purify the blood thanks to its essential properties that help to capture fats and eliminate any toxin from our body. Do not stop including it in your diet.

7. Vegetables with High Fiber Content

It is important to know that it is always convenient to eat vegetables in their raw form: carrots, green leaves … In this way, we activate our body better so that fats are burned. In addition, these vegetables (such as spinach, broccoli and asparagus) are high in fiber. Its nutrients help to absorb less fat when they are found in the intestines.

8. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries and Blueberries

These tasty fruits contain a high amount of fiber and water, and very few calories. In addition, thanks to their flavonoids, they help regulate sodium levels. And it is more; they have anthocyanins, capable of inhibiting the assimilation of fats and sugars. We can include them in all our meals.

9. Salmon

Essential source of Omega 3 and proteins activates metabolism and helps prevent fat from accumulating in the abdomen. If you have the opportunity to acquire it, you can consume it twice a week.

10. Olive Oil

Who does not like to accompany their salads with a splash of olive oil? Do not hesitate, it favors the absorption of nutrients and lowers cholesterol, an excellent ally to regulate our abdominal fat.

Do Not Forget

Remember that combating abdominal fat is an integral effort in which the consumption of these foods will only help you. To combat it, keep in mind:

  1. Get hydrated well, drink water.
  1. Eat in a balanced way
  1. Do daily physical exercise (walking, for example)
  1. Avoid bad habits like tobacco and alcohol.

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